Sunday, November 2, 2014

When did it get to be November?

When did it get to be November? I really need to update my blog more often. :-)

Recently I got some amazing news about Witchlight - it made the Library Journal list for Best Books of 2014 under the E-Original Romance category. I was so shocked that I was convinced it must have been a mistake, but  the page hasn't been corrected so I guess it must be real, LOL.

Nervous jokes aside, this is a really big deal to me. Every book an author writes means something to them, but you can't pretend that some don't mean more. It's only natural that some of your work might have a little bit bigger piece of your soul in it. Witchlight is one of those books for me, so it makes me happy to see it get this extra recognition.

Firewall will be released in a month, and that will mark the end of the Magic Born trilogy. I'm excited for people to read this one because I got to take this world exactly where I wanted it to go. Trancehack was written with an ending that would allow the book to stand alone if it had to. Witchlight leaves the city's Magic Born zone, nicknamed Freaktown by those who live there, more or less frozen in carbonite (to borrow a Star Wars reference). It wasn't easy to leave the world in a cliffhanger but still have a happily ever after for main characters Vadim and Lizzie, but I found a way to manage it. With Firewall, I knew that the laws keeping the Magic Born segregated had to be dealt with, but it couldn't be easy. It was going to have to cost something. Tuyet and Hayes, along with others in New Corinth, become secret heroes of a sort, their contributions and sacrifices destined to be lost to history.

And now I'm starting to give too much away. The last thing I'll say about Firewall is this: there are three riots in the book, each one bigger than the last. It's probably my most action-packed book to date.

Which is probably why I was exhausted after finishing it (plus this was my first time to finish a trilogy). I've worked on a few different things since, but I've just now started what I intend to be my thirteenth completed book. It's in an entirely new genre for me, small town contemporary, and I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month for extra motivation. You can find a description of the story here at my NaNo profile. I've tried writing contemporary before and never been able to finish. This time, I feel like I've found a way into the story that will make it work for me: music. As the month goes on I may post some excerpts and talk about that musical connection that will help me write the story.

If you're participating in NaNoWriMo, best of luck to you! And if you haven't read Trancehack and Witchlight yet, grab them now - you've got a month until Firewall is loose in the wild.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New format for Bradbury

At the Bradbury Institute, a private organization dedicated to the study of magic and the occult, adventure and romance are the best benefits. 
The Key of Darkness is an ancient grimoire designed for summoning and subjugating a powerful entity from deep within the lowest levels of Hell. The sorcerer who utilizes the Key will have unimaginable evil at their fingertips, to do with as their darkest desires dictate. 
The Key was meant to be entrusted for safe-keeping at the Bradbury Institute, but it has been stolen by an impulsive young thief. Now the race is on to retrieve the grimoire before he sells it to the highest bidder.
Bradbury's back, and now it's a series of novellas! Posting chapters every week in the online serial format doesn't really work for me anymore, but I'm still writing in this world. So I decided to release the volumes as a series of novellas. The Key of Darkness is out now, available on Amazon. It's DRM-free so if you need to convert to epub, you can. Sometime next month I'll release volume two, Long Night Moon. You can see the cover art for that one on the series page, where there's also a series graphic that is possibly just a tiny bit spoilery. At one time I had a good bit of volume three written, but when I went back to it I realized that what I had needed to be volume four. So I'm writing a new volume three now. I haven't settled on a title yet but when I do, I'll update the series page. 

The novellas will be released in digital format. And maybe-possibly-hopefully in print, with two novellas per print book. First I have to figure out how to format for Createspace. ;) If I can make print happen for this, then I will of course shout it from the rooftops update my site. 

The Bradbury world is a lot of fun for me to write in, and I really hope its fun for readers, too. I've got a lot of plans for Pete, Eve, Chet, and the others. Danger, romance, killer clowns, you know - the usual. :-)